Overview of laws

You may keep without a special license: lizards, turtles, tortoises, crocodillians, frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and many kinds of snakes.

You can not keep: any boas or pythons, regardless of type or size.

All venomous snakes, are also prohibitted.

Native species that you can not collect from the wild: Eastern yellowbellied racers, Norther red bellied snakes, Bullsnakes, Hognose snakes, Rattlesnakes, Eastern short horned lizards and turtles (common snappers and painted turtles are native to Saskatchewan)

You can keep captive bred reptiles of the native species that are protected (except for rattlesnakes), as well as long term captive animals that you did not collect yourself.


Before moving to Saskatchewan with your pets, you must apply for and receive, prior to arriving (2 weeks in advance to be safe) an import permit for all captive wildlife. By definition, captive wildlife includes everything besides common domestic pets (cats and dogs) and livestock. Every reptile, is considered captive wildlife, and requires import permits.

Likewise, if you already live in Saskatchewan an import permit is required if you buy a reptile pet outside of the province, and intend on bringing it back with you, or have it shipped to you.

An export permit is required to send captive wildlife out of province, or to take it with you when you move.

A temporary export permit is required to take any of these pets out of province on a temporary basis (along on a vacation, or to a reptile show to display)

In Saskatchewan, import and export permits are free.

Import permit requests can be directed to

P. Lalonde
Fish and Wildlife Branch
436 - 3211 Albert Street
Regina SK
S4S 5W6

If found to be in contradiction of the laws, fines can be as much as $5000 / offense, and they can and probably will confiscate your pet. They can also confiscate all of your other "legal" pets as well if they so chose.

If the animal in question was CITES listed, you can also be charged under the Federal Wappritta act, which can result in much larger fines.

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