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HISS newsletter - volume 1

How To's

Home made incubator example - Ryan Wunsch

How to build a nice rack - Tim Cranwill

How to build a practical rack very easily and very cheap - Ryan and Carol Wunsch

How do I wire up my heat tape - Tim Cranwill



How do snake genetics work - Tim Cranwill

My snake had a bad shed, what should I do - Tim Cranwill

How often Should I feed my snake - Tim Cranwill

How large should my snakes food be - Tim Cranwill

My snake won't eat, what should I do - Tim Cranwill

How do I switch my snake's food from live to frozen / thawed Tim Cranwill

Should I use a heat lamp, hot rock or heat pad - Tim Cranwill

What should I house my snake in - Tim Cranwill

What is the best substrate - Tim Cranwill

What does my snakes enclosure need - Tim Cranwill

What does 1.3 mean? - Tim Cranwill

When is it safe to handle my new snake - Tim Cranwill

My snake is too agressive, how do Itame it - Tim Cranwill


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