Saskatchewan Reptile Rescue

The Saskatchewan Reptile Rescue was registered as a Non Profit Corporation in 2000.

Kaley Pugh is the Director of the SSR.

The SRR takes in as many reptiles in need of good homes as we can, and also looks for good permenant homes for these surrendered Reptiles.

However, the number of Iguana's and Red Eared Sliders we are asked to rescue is very high, and we do not have adequate facilities to take all of them in.

We try to find good homes for them when contacted about one in need, but sadly the amount of good homes willing to adopt generally is not as high as the amount that are requested to be surrendered.

Please contact us if you can provide a good home for Iguana's or Red Eared Sliders.

Click here for a list of available animals

To contact the SRR, email

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